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Mod Studio v1.05

Mod Studio history:
v1.0 May 26, 1999
v1.02 May 29, 1999
v1.05 June 9, 1999

Changes in v1.05

Changes in v1.02

What's in version 1.0 of Mod Studio:

Diablo 1.07 and Hellfire 1.01. These are the only two version I plan on supporting, so if you don't have them, you'll have to update your's.
Mod Studio will allow you to edit Items, Unique Items, Item Prefixes and Suffixes, Monsters, Unique Monsters, Spells, Character Class stats, and some other miscellaneous stuff.
I tried to make it so you can't put out of range values in and such, but I'm sure there are loopholes somewhere, so use common sense. You should not be able to open files other than the ones you are supposed to.
Ease of use:
I tried to make all of the forms as organized as I could, so it's not confusing to look at.

Coming soon (hopefully):

I will try to implement some dat file hacks into my program, such as SubSpace's dat that lets you use the F1-F4 keys for spell hotkeys. I don't have any .dat files for Hellfire, so if you know where to get some, email me the url. I would like a .dat to enable fast walking in town for Hellfire, and Diablo if it exists.

I am open to suggestions, at least reasonable ones, so if you have any please send me an email.

How to use Mod Studio:

  1. Make sure you have the Visual Basic 5 runtimes installed on your computer.
  2. Run ModStudio.exe
  3. Go to File > Open, and locate your Diablo.exe or your Hellfire.exe file and open it.
  4. Now make some cool mods.

Known Problems:

Some Unique Items in the V&K mod use values that are out of my programs range for the base item, so it will crash.

Changing a name of something to something shorter will change how many characters you wil be allowed to type into the name field. To get around this, override the name length by going to File > Override > Name Length. Putting in a longer name than there is room for in the file could overlap another name, so use override with caution.

Diablo and Na-Krul use default to hit% values that are greater than 135, so you you wish to change their to hit% value to something over 135, you must go to Override > CTH% on the menu.

Mini FAQ:

Why is this program so big?
It has all of the item picture files in the game stored in it. It does not read them from the .exe because I have no idea how to do that.
What kind of programmer are you?
I am a beginner programmer. I wrote this in Visual Basic 5, and it took me about two weeks to make it. This is by far the most complex program I have ever written, and the one I am the most proud of so far. I don't know that much about programming, and the only language I know is BASIC, but I learn fast. This project turned out MUCH better than anticipated. Originally I did not plan on having Hellfire support, but I'm glad I changed my mind.
Where did you get your information on Diablo and Hellfire?
Most of it I got from Charlie's Retribution site. Charle also happens to be the author of EZ Mod Maker, so if you don't like mine or it doesn't support a feature you want, you can use Charlie's EZ Mod Maker for Diablo and Zakarun's for Hellfire. Thank you for the information Charlie, I could not have made this without it!

Final Stuff:

Please report all bugs reports, suggestions, comments, and anything you think will help me to

I will take no responsibility for any damages caused by this program, you downloaded it, you ran it, so it is your responsibility. Although I do not see how this program could damage anything but your diablo or hellfire executable, so use common sense and back them up.

Happy mod making,


Download Mod Studio v.1.05 (426KB)

Last modified 2004-02-10