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BoBaFeTT's Diablo Trainer

Before I begin, I must say that is the place on this planet that I've seen the most liars combined in one location. Only believe those who can prove what they're telling, not those that just talk crap. A lot of them are very jealous of me and talk about virii and trojans. They are liars and you can prove it by using any virus scanner you like on my software. I even post on my web page the links to the virus scanners so that you can be protected from such nasty computer programs. The very people that spread lies about me are the ones that post on their web pages these bad things. I've seen so many liars on, it's astounding. I've met players I've killed that won't admit it and will lie and say they've killed me. I've met players that make up a phony ear (easy to do with this Trainer and a hex editor on a .itm file). I've met players that keep talking about the cow level when there is no such thing. I've met players that continue to say that Diablo's Plate is really a plate and not an ear (hacked). I've met players who say they're not cheating, when they know they are with Diablo Hacking Utility or this program. is a place where a lot of players will lie about just anything. I'm not saying that I'm a saint, but just be observant and you can find which players are telling the lies. If a player cannot prove what he's telling you, then it's more than likely a lie.

Cheats used in the BoBaFeTT trainer:

God Mode from players
This prevents a player from hurting you with any means including spells, hit damage, etc. Written by the Great BoBaFeTT on 10 June 1998
God Mode from monsters
This prevents a monster (creature) from hurting you with any means including spells, hit damage, etc.
Godly mana (Like god mode but with mana shield)
This prevents a player or creature from hurting you when you have mana shield on. It also allows you to cast spells without losing any mana.
Get All Spells
This is much better than "Spells to skills" because you can see the damage when you bring up your spell book and you get all spells available. Along with the mana lock, this is the best combination of spells. Some of the spells you see in the spell book when this is active will not do anything. It must be because Blizzard has them available for expansion in the game.
Spell level 38 total
This is about the highest you can do damage to other players with fireball. Although other spells will still work, it's the fireball that works the best at this level. About the highest you can use for your spells is 38 because anything higher will prevent you from damaging other players.
Allow level 1 - 99
This one allows you to store your level for each player from 1 to 99. The advantage of using this one over the next one is that you can have different characters at different levels and the levels don't change when you enter a game.
Dupe items
Automatic duplicating of items in your INV All you do is pick up an item in your INV and then touch an empty slot and the item appears again on your cursor.
Unlimited Belt
This allows you to use the potions on your belt and they stay there after it's been used.
Reveal Invisibility
Although invisibility, ghost mode, or what Blizzard calls invalid players doesn't harm you, this will allow you to see those players that try to come into your game using that code
Fastest Hit Recovery
When you're hit by someone or a creature, you recover the fastest using this one.
Equip anything anywhere
Allows any item such as axes to be put on your ring location
BoBaFeTT's Auto Kill - Heal Other
This does NOT harm god mode or godly mana w/mana shield on. The maximum Life and Mana this takes away is right at 3000 because Blizzard has a restriction in the amount a player can be damaged by another player. In fact, I use that same restriction mechanism in my God Mode code to simply not be damaged regardless of whether it's over 3000 or not. All you do is cast Heal Other on another player and this takes away the maximum damage to that player. He will die instantly if he doesn't have any hacks. hehe.
Prevent Item Crash from other player
There is a method to crash a Diablo game by dropping an item that has been modified with a hex editor. I won't tell how the item is modified, but this prevents your game from crashing by the other player when that modified item is dropped. This will change the bad item to a Heart that you cannot pick up. The Heart displays as an EAR but says "Heart" on it. So when you see a heart in the game with no name to it and you cannot pick it up, then you know the other player attempted to crash you with this method.
Prevent right click of Item that crashes
If you have the item in your INV that crashes the game and you accidentally right click it, this will stop your game from crashing.
Don't lose life when cast Bone Spirit
While I was looking into my Auto Kill God Mode players, I ran across a few methods to prevent yourself from losing life. This is one of them.
Don't lose life when touch fire
This is the second one so far that I found to prevent losing life when I was looking for my Auto Kill God Mode The fire mentioned here is on the crosses you see at various places in the game. If you go into them, your character makes really funny hurting sounds and loses 1 point of Life (HP). This prevents that loss of 1 point which other codes don't prevent. hehehe
Don't lose life when cast Blood Star
Third one I've found while working on my Auto Kill God Mode. All you do is not lose any life like you would normally do when you cast Blood Star.
Prevent loss of mana when hit Sacred shrine
If you accidentally hit the Sacred Shrine, this will stop your mana from going down.
Prevent loss of a spell level when hit Enchanted Shrine
If you accidentally hit the Enchanted Shrine, this will stop the spell from going down. Changed on 30 March 1998 so that if you had one spell level, this would still work and not change it. I found this out when I was making my hacks for Hellfire. hehe.
Prevent loss of durability when hit Hidden Shrine
This fixes the bug (still existing in 1.04) that hangs your computer when you have all items with indestructible durability and you hit the Hidden Shrine. Also prevents loss of durability on any item.
Set Hot Keys to Spells
This is very useful if you use hot keys (function keys) for spells. This allows you to set your hot keys automatically when you enter a game. It saves on time for each time you enter a game.
Set the current spell when enter game
Tired of setting the current spell when you enter each game? This sets it for you so that you don't have to keep setting it.
Set Player Attack on when enter game
This ensures that when you enter a game, your set for Player Attack instead of Player Friendly.
Set map on when enter game
This will automatically set your map on (name of the game and password displayed automatically) So you don't have to press TAB each time you enter a game.
Pick up extended ASCII ears
This will allow you to pick up Extended ASCII ears! Now those idiots that use Extended ASCII in their names can't prevent you from getting their ear! hehe!
Always have Rogue's ability to see traps
This allows a Sorcerer or Warrior to see that a box has a trap just like the Rogue can.
Display Dungeon Level of player when speak
This is really cool. This hack will display the dungeon level of the player when they type instead of character's level. This is excellent for PK's.
BoBaFeTT's AK Everyone - Blood Star
The moment you enter a level and you execute blood star with this active, all players without god mode or godly mana with mana shield on will die unless they have very high life or mana. It doesn't matter where they are on the level! This is a VERY good way of finding out if the other player is using God Mode before they have a chance to hit you. The maximum life and mana this takes away is about 2900 because Blizzard has some restriction in the amount a player can be damaged by another player
Prevent stats modification when other player hits Shrine
Fourth one found while working on Auto Kill God Mode Some shrines like the Tainted Shrine will cause your stats to change when another player hits them. This stops that.
Prevent 2nd type of item crash
There are two ways of crashing the game with an invalid item. This prevents the second method from crashing your game. The second method actually uses a number for the item which results in 0 for the index to the display of the name for the item. To prevent you from crashing, you will see text in the item as "Bounty Hunter" or "Deadly Hunter" so you'll know it was a bad item that would have crashed your game. The problem is that should you pick up that item, you will have it with you until you reload another character. Even if you drop the bad item, for some reason, it stays with you and you will in turn, crash other players games. To stop crashing others, you must load in another character with a trainer or use a restore of the multi-player character file. This works in both Windows 95 and Windows NT
Change name of your dropped ear
This will change the name of your ear dropped when you die. You can make it anything you want. Including no name at all or Extended ASCII. Just change the hex staring at 4b0f48. Pad with 00's if you're making the text shorter. The last character on that line in this dat doesn't have to be 00 because the next character in memory is 00. You're limited to 15 characters with this hack. If you make it longer than that, you may crash.
Auto Kill God Mode
My famous God Mode Kill This uses the Bone Spirit spell to kill god mode players in the game. All you have to do is cast the spell and when it hits the player, they are dead no matter what cheats they have on. NOTE For this to work, YOU MUST HAVE the AK Everyone - Blood Star hack turned on! You must also have certain items in your INV.
Invisibility (Ghost Mode) - No harm to other players
Although you can't harm other players, they won't know you're there when this is activated!
Allow Duplicate Items in Game
This still gives other players the message that a duplicate item has been deleted.
Leech - Make others think you're dead
Your HP can go to 0, but you won't die. Also known as Walking Corpse Mode. Unlike ghost mode, you can do damage to other players while invisible using this hack. Players will not see you if they were not on your level when you died to activate, kill yourself you may not change levels once you activate this hack.
Townspell (Townkill) no player damage
Although you can teleport around town you cannot do any damage to other players unless they have this turned on as well. Other players will get a message "xxx cast an illegal spell" and they'll immediately know you're cheating when you use it. The best thing is to not use it at all. Blizzard did a great job on removing Townkill in 1.03, 1.04, 1.05 and 1.07.
Spells to Skills
Because you're using All Spells and Mana Lock, you really don't need this. In addition, if you use this, you can't see the damage your spells do in the spell book.
Unlimited (95000) gold (Shows up in Diablo's eye)
I don't recommend this because Diablo's Eye shows you're cheating in chat.
Prevent 3rd type of item crash
There is yet another method of crashing a game with an item and this prevents that method of crashing the game. This was written by the Great BoBaFeTT on 4 October 1998
Prevent Crash With Msg1 Error
This prevents your game from crashing when someone tries this in a multiplayer game.
Prevent Crash If You Leave The Level
This prevents your game from crashing when someone tries to crash you while in a multiplayer game and you leave the level.
Prevent Crash Because Of Spell Crashes
This is a patch that prevents your game from crashing when someone tries to do the spell crash on you in a multiplayer game.
Prevent Crash Because Of The Res Crash
This is a patch that prevents your game from crashing when someone tries to do the Res crash on you in a multiplayer game.
Prevent Crash Because Of Too Many Items
If you have too many items in your INV, you will crash sometimes. This prevents that from happening.
You Can Attack In Town
This is NOT town Kill. This just allows you to attack another player while in town.
Join Game By The Fountain
When you start the game either by joining or by creating one, you start in the middle of town instead of at the bottom.
Always See Monster Hit Points
Some monsters you won't see the hit points for. This allows you to always see them.
Always See Monster Resistances
Some monsters you won't see the resistance for. This allows you to always see it.
Walk Through Walls
This really should be called "Walk through everything" because it allows you to walk anywhere on the map in town or in the dungeon.
Finish Game(kill any monster)
Kill any monster, then boom, you killed Diablo and go to cutscene! You get the dots too. hehe.
Everyone dies. It's the final and only lasting justice. Evil exists; it is intelligence in the service of entropy. When the side of a mountain slides down to kill a village, this is not evil, for evil requires intent. Should a sentinent being cause that landslide, there is evil; and requires Justice as a consequence, so that civilization can exist. There is no greater good than Justice; and only if law serves Justice is it good law. It is said correctly that law exists not for the Just but for the unjust, for the Just carry the law in their hearts and do not need to call it from afar. I bow to no one and I give service only for cause.

Download BoBaFeTT's Diablo Trainer v.5.6

BoBaFeTT's Diablo Trainer needs mfc42.dll and msvcrt.dll, which should already be in your system folder. If not, you can download them here:

Download mfc42.dllDownload msvcrt.dll

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